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Category: mechanisms

This is a 5 axis cnc router I designed and built as a personal project. The linear stages were found by a friend of a friend dumpster diving, back when I was in school.   I welded the frame together from off cuts found at the local metal supply house.   The electronics cabinet was also as salvaged enclosure.


Category: mechanisms

This was a quick two day project to make an automated circuit board programmer for the Rondo project.

Rondo Motion

Category: Product Design

This is a housing and attachment mechanism, I designed and engineered, for Dysonics Rondo Motion Application.    The "Head Tracker"  is a bluetooth 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyro that tracks the heads movement.  The housing was designed to be able to mount to any over the ear type of headphones. You can check it out more at:

Circular Bench

Category: Craft

For this project I adapted the architects drawings for fabrication via our CNC router.   Then in collaboration with Larry Hitchcock of Intrepid Marine we fabricated the bench and assembled on site in a Sonoma winery. This project was a bridge project for me, bridging my first carrier as carpenter craftsman with the digital craftsmanship learned in design school.

Bounce Guitar Stand

Category: Craft

This was my own project I came up with, while working with Blackbird Guitars.   In a need for a bunch of guitar stands for NAMM.  Somehow I came up with the idea that I needed to use  racketballs as padding for the guitar.   While I wouldn't advise it to others,  I thermoformed the acrylic myself in my oven at home.


Category: Craft

Adapted traditional guitar making techniques for the making of carbon fiber guitars.   Alas I am no longer involved with them, but they are still creating an excellent product here in San Francisco, check out their poduct here:

About Troy

Interdisciplinary Design Engineer New World Craftsman.

In my first career I worked as a finish carpenter for 13 years  in the high end home building market of the San Francisco peninsula.   At age 30 after taking some evening classes in Autocad I decided to go back to school and get a degree in Product Design from San Francisco States, Design and Industry program.   It was there that I discovered a passion for 3d cad design and CNC manufacturing.

Since graduating in 2003 I have worked on numerous design projects, including projects for the design consultancy Think2Build.  I also partnered up with a friend from San Francisco State Joe Luttwak and helped to found BlackbirdGuitars.  I stopped working with Blackbird several years back but they are still going strong building carbon fiber guitars here in San Francisco.

Currently I am working for myself as a Design Engineering consultant and working to launch my own product line of Wooden Eyewear, along with the occasional fabrication job that comes along.

For the last 10 years or so I have  maintain a shared studio space with an ever changing diverse group of friends.  Currently that includes  neuroscientists, and a custom furniture maker, amongst others .   We have 2000 sq.ft of shop space, that includes a full wood shop, 4×8 cnc router with a 4th axis,  a bridgeport knee mill that I converted to CNC myself.  We also have 2000 sq ft of individual office space.


My skills include: